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In the early 1990's, is when my deep desire to study Tarot surfaced. I was living in New Mexico, and on my way to a new phase of life in Missouri, when a friend offered to share a reading with me. 

I had been exposed to Tarot before, but this time the practice really took ahold of me energetically. I felt a strong desire, through spirit, to stay connected to this powerful and delightful practice. I bought every book, that resonated with me, and read and studied passionately.

Reading Tarot became a fascination which got stronger every day and continues to do so. It is a beautiful and wondrous tool, that I have been blessed enough to connect with, which assists me in tapping into my intuitive thoughts, feelings and insights.

All of the books and writings, I have read and studied through the years, have been amazingly helpful but in the end it's the trust in the Tarot to help me reveal my own inner wisdom and innate knowledge which is the greatest gift. I believe we are all intuitive. With practice and desire each individual can utilize their own unique intuitive gifts to benefit their own lives.

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