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Sharon Beam's Review of Her Tarot Card Reading With

Tory Jeen of Red Rose Tarot

February 22nd, 2012

I enjoy trying new things so when I received the opportunity to experience a Tarot card reading, I took it! Tory Jeen, a reader with 25+ years of experience, reads at RakSa Wellness Center as well as guides Tarot card reading workshops there.

I entered the session ready and open and Tory welcomed me with a warm smile. We both sat around a small table decorated with beautiful gems placed there for the positive & loving energy they hold. Tory began to shuffle the Tarot cards and then placed them in front of me to do the same, starting by cutting the deck in three parts.

I learned that there are numerous styles and types, of Tarot decks, and today Tory was using a set from Belgium. The session began with Tory asking if I had a particular question on which I hoped to receive insight. I didn’t come to the reading with a specific issue so she began to turn over the top cards to see what was revealed. She turned over a total of nine cards in a line up with three each. Tory explained that she sees the cards as a story and one by one she read mine in the cards. It was fun to see my story laid out in front of me while listening to Tory explain the cards in detail. I could definitely relate to the messages she was reading from the cards. We repeated the process a few more times and I learned about the placement of the cards and what they mean. My understanding and experience is that each card holds energy, information, and guidance and can shed light on aspects of our lives that we were not fully in tune with.

The tarot card reading left me feeling inspired, motivated and positive. I came to the reading thinking it would be a fun experience, which it was, but more importantly it was a therapeutic & healing experience. If you have any interest in Tarot, I highly recommend a session with Tory or attending one of her workshops. Enjoy!

Victoria Bazeley's Pod-Cast Interview With

Tory Jeen of Red Rose Tarot

October 25th, 2010

A discussion of Tarot and a brief example of a reading by Tory Jeen

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