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"I had Tory do readings for all 18 guests at my baby shower and words cannot describe how unbelievable she was. She read tarot for 4 hours straight and it was truly the highlight of the party. It's been 2 weeks since and my friends are still calling me to talk about it. Not only is she amazing at what she does - more on this later - but she is an absolute pleasure.

A bit on Tory as a person:

The baby shower was quite an "upscale" event at the Peninsula Hotel and I'm sure you can imagine the reaction of the event staff when I said was bringing in a reader for my party. I knew he/she had to be impeccable with style and class, but still good at what they do! When I was looking for a tarot card reader I had people say, "Do you want me to come in costume?"....I didn't even respond because I was mortified at the idea. This wasn't a silly game for me, I wanted real readings for all my family and friends, but also a level of professionalism. I was blown away when I met Tory. She is absolutely gorgeous - not only spiritually, but physically to. I was SO proud to show her off to all of my guests. She wasn't intimidating or too "out there". She was just real.

A bit on her readings:

I did request that she keep the readings a bit "light" as I didn't want anyone walking away demolished by what they heard. Tory reassured me that this wouldn't be an issue. She was right! Though they weren't all rainbows and sunshine (again, she was real) she was able to deliver the messages in a way that was inspirational rather than destructive. Exactly what I wanted. The readings were so spot on and relevant for all of the guests. They couldn't stop talking about the interesting things they learned. My personal reading was out of this world. The cards that came up were so necessary for me and it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

All in all, she was outstanding and now she is on the "Preferred Vendor List" at the Peninsula - it's no wonder why she got "Best of LA" because she truly is the best.

I can't wait to go back for another reading after my baby is born."

Cassandra Thurswell~Owner/Kitsch

"All of the readings I've received from Tory have been insightful and accurate. She is very intuitive but at the same time encourages you to hear the message and allow your own intuition to guide you to your highest path. Her readings are fun, positive and divinely guided." Jordan M.~YogAstrologist

"I have experienced multiple readings with Tory and find her to be most professional, attentive, and compassionate. She reads the Tarot as you would a story, incredibly magical and most effective. I feel comfortable with Tory as she sets sacred space for our reading; I sense her depth of intuition balanced, grounded, and thus, experience a deep sense of her commitment to her practice. She gently guides me through any discomfort or resistance that certain cards bring up, explaining that these cards are merely a way to better understand your self and bring about more awareness to the given situation. This deep knowledge of Tarot is trust that I am in good hands as I always leave Tory’s readings feeling encouraged, motivated and realigned. Thank you!" Sheila G.~Aurvedic Practitioner

Clarity comes from engagement not thought ~ Marie Forleo

"After my session with Tory today, I finally felt the clarity I was seeking for too long. She has a way of revealing with gentle kindness the picture (aka the dusty collection of thoughts) in my mind that has stood in my way of truth and joy." Jennie E.~Aurvedic Practitioner

"I have been to several Tarot readers in the past, but none of them have shown the passion and excitement that Tory has shown me. It’s rare to find someone who is as touched by your reading as you are. As Tory has so wisely reminded me~she is providing me with information so that I may remember who I am and use what is at hand. Since I’ve gone to see her I have not only found the love of my life but all of my business and spiritual ventures seem to be aligning. Thank you Tory for the profound guidance!" Jeff D.~Restaurant Owner/Yoga Instructor

"Tory is so warm~hearted and genuine! I have been really moved and impressed by how tuned in and accurate the readings have been. If you're feeling stuck, worried about the future, and need intuitive guidance, I whole~heartedly recommend a reading with Tory. You will not be disappointed. Two thumbs up and many blessings to you Tory!" Sydney C.~Life Coach

"Tory is the best tarot reader, I have ever been to, and I've been to quite a few. First of all, her accuracy is unmatched. Second, I love her insight, discretion, and her kind and gentle way of reading the cards. She has eased my worries and helped me to make changes in my life that really make a difference." Victoria B.~Astrologer

"Tory's intuitive nature and deep knowledge of the Tarot put me in a relaxed and open state of mind. The timeline of events and thoughts occuring in my life right now were completely synchronized with her reading. She creates a sacred space around her before her reading as her deep and sweet gaze taps into your energy field. She is very intuned with herself, with her clients and with the universe. I felt very clear and comforted with the reassurance received in the reading. Her talent and desire to guide others shines through as she flips every card...I am still beaming." Michelle S.~Real Estate Specialist

"Tory's connection to Spirit and love of people illuminate her tarot readings. I always come away with renewed faith and hope for the future. Go see her, she will shine Light on your path!" Alexis C.~Art Historian

"I had the most amazing tarot card reading at RakSa with Tory. I left with hope, motivation and a new outlook on life. It's not just the reading, it's Tory. She's magical." Julie M.~Public Relations

"I have been to lots of people who do tarot readings and by far this is the best person who I have come across. Tory is so sweet, kind, caring. I have been going to her monthly for advice, guidance and much more. She is a very healing person and all of her readings have helped me so much. I highly recommend her, she will give you clarity and guidance with any help you need. I have huge trust in her, she is so positive and a bright light in my life now." Angela T.~Skin Care Advisor

"I am so glad that I have found Tory and her gift of reading Tarot. Her readings are extremely helpful when you have big or difficult decisions to make. They're also great if you're just curious about what to expect in the future. She guides you in a loving, nurturing way and you feel safe and confident to seek guidance in all matters. She is truly amazing!" Min Y.~Actress

"I am very grateful for my Red Rose Tarot readings. Tory's warmth, compassion and insight come through strongly; especially when you get a "scary" card. She can help you find what benefit may come beyond the lesson of the draw. I have always left her readings with feelings of hope and calm. Thank you, Tory!" Kim C.~Computer Analyst

"I've studied under and had readings from Tory. Her approach is caring and healing. She is a conduit to help you understand your intuitions and further your trust in your instincts. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Those who have never had a tarot reading before can trust in her loving, gentle approach." Janet C.~Interior Designer

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